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16 August 16 - How can your children’s sports club celebrate their end of season presentation?

How can your children’s sports club celebrate their end of season presentation?

Sport is such an important part of kids lives and with so many who are part of sporting clubs and school teams. It is great for teaching children teamwork and developing their social skills as well as enabling them to make lifelong friends. As we all know at the end of every season there is always a presentation day or night to award the kids and the parents who make the season happen. At Castle Capers we have found over the years that many of the clubs are really making this a celebration rather than the previous simple sausage sizzle (mind you there is always a place for the sausage sizzle). Jumping castles have been and still are always so popular with the kids and even with the teenagers and adults however now many are looking for something a little different. At Castle Capers we have found the following interactive inflatables extremely popular in the past sporting events.

  • Bungee Run
  • Laser Skirmish
  • Slam Dunk
  • Sticky Wall
  • Human Foosball
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Obstacle Course
  • Giant commander slide
  • Sumo suits
  • And many more that can be seen here

These interactive inflatables and games can be packaged together to create entertainment for a much broader range of ages from the younger kids to teenagers and even the parents.

Will I receive a discount if I hire more than one inflatable?

With multiple inflatables we can definitely work out a package price as our delivery costs are lower. We have found that as many sports clubs have a number of players and family hiring more than one item works really well. There is nothing worse than having the kids waiting in line for hours. We have also seen many of the clubs presentation attendance numbers increase significantly over the past few years by putting on a bigger event. Many clubs also hire our equipment for registration days as well to encourage new membership and also to keep the kids occupied.

Can we charge a fee to recoup our costs?

You certainly can and this works really well. We can advise you on what works and depending on the size of the club and numbers of people who attend some clubs do really well and even make money at these events. Other clubs simply provide the entertainment at no cost to the families. Tickets can be sold which are collected by our attendants (please note our attendants will not collect money). Often a tickets are sold per ride or for unlimited use which is a very good way to recoup your costs quickly. Please all us on 0417 479 630 to talk to us about your next event.

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