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Frequently Asked Questions

Jumping Castles

How long does it take to set up a castle?

It generally takes about 20 minutes to set up most of our jumping castles, however this time can vary depending on the actual castles. We require good access through to the set up area which is specified on each of the castles pages. Please ensure that there is a clear path through as the inflatables are wheeled in on a sack truck. If there are any steps please let us know when booking as some assistance may be required on delivery and collection. In the area that the castle is to be set up please make sure that the area is clear of sticks and debris and any animal waste.

Is supervision required for the castle?

Supervision is definitely required for every jumping castle for kids under the age of 18 in a backyard hire. This ​​is simply one of the parents or another sibling over the age of 18 standing by the castle to ensure that the correct amount of kids are on at a time and it is being used safely. This is a very easy task and our delivery driver will go through a couple of rules to follow and you are handed a safety rule sheet. This consist of the correct amount of kids, no flips and one person down the slide at a time, this sheet can be viewed on our forms page. For public or commercial events which include sports clubs, school fairs and the majority of work shows and Christmas parties we need to provide our own staff to supervise the castles. This is due to the SafeWork SA regulations and our insurance. Our friendly staff will run the bouncy castles for you and you can sit back and relax.

Do we have insurance?

Yes we certainly do! You should always check that any hire provider is insured as you don't want to be stuck with any type of bill. We carry $20 million public liability insurance and all our hire products are listed on our certificate so you can have some peace of mind. Having said that all of our products meet every Australian standard and are extremely safe to use. We are registered with SafeWork SA and all our jumping castles have been design registered and inspected by an engineer to ensure a safe fun time is had by everyone. All our inflatables are inspected each time they are set up and a yearly inspection is also completed, we can provide these certificates for those who require them for some council approvals etc..

Do we require a deposit to make a booking?

Yes we do require a small deposit at the time of the booking. For online bookings we require a 20% deposit which generally works out to less than $50 and for phone bookings we require a $50 deposit per item hired. For our photo booths and mechanical bull hire we require a $100 deposit to secure these items. Deposits can be paid by credit card, Bpay or EFT. By paying a deposit you can have the peace of mind that the jumping castle you have ordered or the slushie machine that you booked will be delivered!

What is the latest time we will pick up the castles?

Our latest pick up times for private hires is 6pm, don't worry though if your party doesn't finish until later as we offer overnight hires on almost all of our jumping castles. Overnight hires are generally dropped off in the afternoon, however if you need the castle earlier just let us know, and they are collected the following day usually between 10am - 2pm. To have a bouncy castle overnight you will need to have it set up in either a backyard, fully fenced front yard or inside a venue. Once you have finished with the castle for the night you simply need to turn off the blower and the following day if you would like another jump, just turn it back on!

What surface do I need to hire a castle?

Our jumping castles can be installed on a number of different surfaces. These are as follows,

  • Grass
  • Patchy grass and dirt mix
  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Artificial turf
  • Bark chips
  • Inside a hall

Water slides can not be set up on dirt as this just leads to a mud pit however we can work with patchy grass. Please read the following as we cannot set up on: is to be set up outside we would definitely prefer to be on grass as the pegs we use have a greater holding strength than weights. However if this is not an option we can use weights which we provide at no extra cost. In the cooler months a hall is an excellent choice for hosting a party. We can set up in any hall just as long the space and access requirements are sufficient. If the bouncy castle

  • No Gravel (unless you provide old carpet)
  • No road base (unless you provide old carpet)

puncture through the base of the inflatables.For obvious reasons we cannot set up on these surfaces as the stones

Slushy Machines

What access and space do I need for a slushie machine?

All of our slushie machines are delivered with a catering trolley, which makes it easy for delivery and easy for you as you do not have to provide a table. For us to wheel the machines in we require about a 70cm clear access through to where you would like us to set up. Please make sure that there is a clear path for the driver and they may need assistance if there are any steps. The space that will be needed for your machine will be about 70cm wide by 40cm deep but we will also need a 30cm gap on all side of the slush machines as the require plenty of air circulation.

How long do they take to set up?

Setting up the machines is a very quick and easy process. Our delivery driver will wheel in the machine to the area that you would like it set up, fill the machine with your chosen cocktail mix and turn the machine on. This whole process generally takes less than 10 minutes. Please bear in mind that freezing time for each size of machine is different please look below for approximate times.

  • Single Bowl Slush Machine - Freezing time approximately 1 - 1.5 hours
  • Twin Bowl Slush Machine - Freezing time approximately 1.5 hours
  • Triple Bowl Slush Machine - Freezing time approximately 2 - 2.5 hours

The above times are the freezing times for each sized machine however the machines are generally delivered earlier than this for your hire as we like to make sure that they are ready by the time your party starts.

How much alcohol should I add?

Adding alcohol to our frozen cocktail mixes is completely optional, however this is very popular at hens shows, parties and pretty much most adult events. As we do not carry a liquor license we cannot provide the alcohol to add to your machine however to do so is a very simple process. Simply wait until the mix has frozen up to the required consistency and add the spirits or liqueurs into each bowl and the machine will mix them through. The amount of alcohol that you will need to add really depends on taste however we recommend that you add around 1.5 litres per bowl, this can be less if you like 750ml will also work with no problems. Another great option is a mocktail. A lot of people who hire our slushy machines will order a triple machine and leave one bowl as a non alcoholic option for their guests.

Do I need to clean the machine after the hire?

No we take care of all this for you. The last thing you would want to do after hosting a party is clean another item so we take care of all this. We do ask that you run water through the empty machine, we do understand that at venues this is not possible. All of our slushie machines are completely pulled apart and cleaned and sanitised. We also wrap all the machines for storage and transport so you can be sure that you will be delivered a pristine machine every time!

Troubleshooting tips

There should be condensation on the outside of the slushie machines bowls after 45 mins of being turned on. In the rare case that this has occurred please call us on 0417 479 630. Your other options are as follows

  • check that the switches are set to freezing
  • check that the auger switches are turned on
  • switch the slushy machine off and on twice
  • ensure that the machine has at least 30cm of clear space around it
  • in the case of extremely hot weather, pull out the filter screen on the side of the machine
  • If no mix comes out when frozen, place a cup or bowl under spout and push a straw up the spout to dislodge an ice crystal.

Photo Booths

How much room do I need?

Our photo booths when fully assembled require approximately 2.5m x 2m and 2.1m n height. This space will allow for the photo booth with the curtain set up but we would need extra space to set up the red carpet and gold bollards. We are able to set the up in different ways either to suit your taste or to suit the available space. The access that is required is 80cm or just the size of a standard door as our booths are extremely portable and are set up onsite. If you have any steps the delivery driver may require some assistance but please advise us on booking as we will not do more than 3 or 4 steps. We also will require a standard power point in the general area that you would like the photo booth set up.

What quality are the prints?

Whenever we are looking at photo booth hire it is always about the quality of the prints and our booths produce fantastic prints. We only use high quality DSLR cameras which produce fabulous photos every time. Beware of other companies who use cheap web cams, these are cheap and wont take great photos. Along with quality cameras we also use thermal printers which will print photo strips exactly like a photo print shop because they are the same printers they use!

What does the package include?

All of our photo both packages include everything! The red carpet, gold bollards and props box, we do not charge any extra for these items. You will also receive unlimited photos and photo strips for the hire period, we generally offer 3, 4 or 5 hour packages. As each photo strip prints you will also get a second print to either keep for yourself or other guests can hold onto them. We also provide you with a USB of all the photos taken through the hire, this consists of both the 4 print photo strips and the single photos, it also includes any videos taken on the booth.

Are the photo booths easy to use?

Our booths are extremely user friendly and you will have no problem at all from start to finish. The booths are a simple touch screen format which you can simply select black and white, colour, serpica ( a mixture of the two) or video capture. Once you have selected you chosen option the booth will prompt you through 4 photos and then you can take your printed strip from the side slot. Our booths print instantly so you don't have to wait. We provide a table for your props and a hatstand for hats an boa's to make it easy for you to select your props before you start. Our booths run on a rental timer and will turn themselves off after the hire, how easy is that!

Trouble shooting tips

In the case that there has been a black out or power failure just let the booth reset. The screen will say that it is locked so all you have to do is touch the screen 11 times with your finger and this will unlock the booth and away you go again!

Popcorn Machines

Are the popcorn machines easy to use?

In one word, yes! Our popcorn machines are extremely easy to use, they are fuss free. All you need to do is as follows

  • Turn the machine on and let warm up for 3 - 4 minutes
  • Add 1/4 cup of oil to the kettle
  • Add 1 cup of corn kernels to the kettle (we provide the measuring cups)
  • Shut the kettle lid
  • Let the corn pop for about 3 mins (until popping has stopped)
  • Open kettle lid and lower kettle to empty
  • Add 1 tsp of butter salt to the popped corn and mix

This process is then repeated with each cup of corn kernel producing over 5 bags of popcorn.

Do I need to provide anything?

There is nothing that you need to provide except for one standard power point. We provide everything, the corn, oil and bags as well as the butter salt and measuring cups and spoons. The ingredients that we supply will make delicious popcorn just like they serve at the movies, the butter salt is the key. We have looked far and wide to source this and it makes all the difference! Have your own machine or looking to buy any of the ingredients? We also sell butter salt and other items separately.

Do I need to clean the machine?

You don't need to clean a thing, this is all part of our service. All the popcorn machines are brought back to our Lonsdale warehouse, completely pulled apart, cleaned and wrapped for storage and transport. We guarantee you will be delivered a clean machine every time!

Fairy Floss Machines

How do they work?

Our fairy floss machines are really user friendly. You simply add a scoop (provided) of the fairy floss mix into the spinner head and twirl it onto the stick as the spun sugar mix comes out. You will be a professional in a couple of minutes! Please follow the directions below.

  • Turn on the machine
  • Set the voltage to 220 volts (this is automatic in some of the machines)
  • Let the machine heat up for 4 minutes
  • Add 1 scoop of the sugar mix directly into the spinner head
  • Take a stick and run it around the bowl turning it constantly in your hand
  • Its that easy!

These machines will produce that fairy floss you used to have at fairs in your childhood.

What events can these machines be used for?

Our fairy floss machines are used for private birthdays to large events even weddings. These machines are easy to use and work really well at fundraisers and other events producing the floss quickly and at a low price.​​