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Sumo Suit Hire in Adelaide

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Looking for an activity that is hilarious and fun at your next party that your guests will truly remember? Look no further than Sumo Wrestling, using Sumo Suits hired from Castle Capers! Castle Capers only provide the best quality and fully padded sumo suits, which offer excellent protection from your opponent and ensure that your sumo experience is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Our professional and friendly team clean and deliver all your sumo gear straight to your door, ensuring a hassle free and hygienic experience. Castle Capers deliver and pickup for free all over Adelaide.

Face off against each other on the padded arena mat to determine the ultimate sumo party champion! Castle capers have a range of sumo suits to cater for all ages and partygoers, from kids to adults and everyone in between. In addition to traditional sumo wrestling suits, Castle Capers have the only superhero wrestling suits for hire in Adelaide. Now your guests will really be able to determine who would win in a wrestling match between batman and the hulk! Check out our great range of sumo suit packages

In addition to our great value sumo suit hire, Castle Capers have a Bull Hire special where you can hire Sumo wrestling suits as well as a Mechanical Bull for an extra value price. This package is perfect for active and adventurous party guests as well as those looking to plan a truly memorable occasion. Check out these and more great value deals from Castle Capers.

So what are you waiting for? Our friendly team are here to answer any of your queries and to make sure your next party is one to truly remember.

Call Castle Capers today to book on 0417 479 630, or visit us at for the best value sumo suit and party hire in Adelaide.

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Please note online booking is only for private backyard hires. For sports clubs, corporate events, schools etc.. please send an inquiry or call for a quote. For private hires in parks or public spaces please contact us as council approval is required.