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Stylish Photo Booth Hire Adelaide Wide

When we think of weddings or corporate events and even birthdays we instantly think of photographs. Memories from these events need to be captured so we can look back in future years and remember the great times that we had. The problem is it is very difficult to get natural photos while your busy entertaining your guests and photographers are hugely expensive and can also be intrusive. The answer is our photo booth hire, which while providing exceptional, elegant quality booths, we are still able to maintain affordable prices. Why pay more?

Book a photo booth for 3 hrs and receive 2 hrs free!

(To claim discount please mention this special when booking or add in additional notes for online bookings and we will amend the cost)

About our booths

Our photo booths are the best available as far as being user friendly and for high quality prints and photos. We only use Australian made Photosnap booths which use high resolution DSLR cameras which will produce studio quality images, not cheap web cams like many other companies (these will not capture great images). Using thermal printers our booths will print out your photo strips very quickly at a premium standard. It will look as if it’s printed by a studio as we use the same equipment professional studios use. We have two options for your next photo booth hire, an open booth or an enclosed booth. Both are excellent options and will suit different needs. Our open air photo booths will allow you to have up to 20 people at a time in each photo. This is a fantastic option for corporate events with a large number of people, especially if large group shots are desired. Our enclosed booths will provide that elegant feel for your wedding or event. These booths come complete with a very fashionable red, black or white curtain and will certainly add some style. The advantage of our enclosed photo booths is that they will allow your guests some privacy to let loose, this often results is the best photos. Our enclosed booths are not restrictive like the sit down versions that can only fit 2 – 3 people in cramped conditions. Ours will easily fit up to 8 people at a time for those group shots.

Step by step ​for our photo strip design

What is included in our hire packages?

We don’t believe in charging extra for props and other items. It’s no more work for us so why should you have to pay more! All our booths come complete with the following:

  • An open air or enclosed photo booth
  • Unlimited photo prints for the hire period.
  • Customizable photo strips where you can add your own design with your name, a message or corporate logo. You can choose one of our templates or we can completely design your strip and send it to you for your approval.
  • A USB with all the photo's (both strips and individual) taken throughout the hire period.
  • A large props box with a great range of items to make your hire more memorable.
  • Gold bollards with red rope and red carpet for the entrance to the booth.
  • A large classy looking booth which can fit up to 8 people.
  • Double prints of all photo strips so you can keep one and so can your guests.
  • Colour, black and white and serpica prints which are easily selected from the touch screen.
  • An external screen on the side of the booth which runs a slide show of all the photos taken during the hire.
  • A Canon DSLR Camera (best available produces fantastic quality photos) NOT A WEBCAM!
  • A video capture feature

What events can our photo booths be used for?

There is really no limit to what kind of event can utilise our photo booth hire, here are a few

  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
  • Birthdays
  • School formals
  • Charity gala fundraisers

There is also no age that we can’t cater for from young kids to older adults the booths always prove to be a massive hit that everyone can enjoy. Children’s parties are always fun and kids just love to dress up and have their photo taken. Adults in turn also love to dress up and with the red carpet and gold bollards you can feel like a star. For corporate events our booths can be vinyl wrapped and the touch screen interface can be customised for your branding, it will be like your very own.

How do our prices compare?

We strive to be able to provide the best prices possible. Compared to the equivalent booths available we are extremely well priced and affordable. Are we the cheapest? Quite simply there are cheaper “photo booths” available but we don’t consider a camera on a stand a photo booth. There is also a very different standard in photos and prints from these companies. There’s no point saving a couple of dollars only to receive a substandard product.

Do we provide an attendant?

No we don’t. Our booths are so easy to use that there is simply no point in an attendant being present. Other companies that do provide attendants simply pass on this cost to you the customer, why pay more? They are operated by a simple touch screen system that will allow you to choose your colour option. The booth will then prompt you through the photos after which you can collect you double strips from the side of the machine, how easy! If an attendant is needed the booth is confusing to operate.

Here are some other great reasons to hire a photo booth.

5 Tips On Hiring A Photo Booth

We operate 7 days a week and can be contacted between 9am - 5pm to discuss how we can assist you at your next event. Please feel free to contact us on 0417 479 630 with any questions. You can also check out our FAQS page which has a lot of answers.